Whiteside Capital Auction is the World’s 1st Crypto Centric Auction Platform that benefits both buyers and sellers, allowing them deal with confidence.

Whiteside Auction platform is crypto and blockchain enabled. This means that the transactions made by our clients are discrete and protected. Given the decentralized nature of the currency, transactions on Whiteside Auction platform are also tax-friendly.

Buyers can be assured of the authenticity of the assets they are bidding on thanks to our in-house appraisers and valuers. Also, buyer’s funds are held in an escrow and only released when they receive the asset. This is to protect buyers and ensure safe transactions.

As a seller, you can gain instant access to a ready pool of collectors, as auction houses market to a global audience. In addition, escrow services ensure the seller’s security as funds will be released immediately upon buyer receiving the asset. Through auctions, you can realise the highest possible price for your assets.

Auction Flowcharts at WSC Group

1. Clients can put their item up for auction with Whiteside Capital via consignment.

2. Whiteside Capital will host a series of physical and/or online auctions to buyers around the world.

3. Upon successful bidding, clients will receive the amount of hammer price minus auction fees and Whiteside Capital will receive the auction fees.