About Us

About Us

Our History

WSC Group Auction History

Whiteside Capital Group (WSC) is a multifaceted fintech firm, founded with a core focus on bringing value to retail clients through the use of unique collaborative technologies.

We aim to introduce the first of its kind, global collaborative auction concept to the world through our Collaborative Auction Program (CAP).

Incorporated in the tax havens of Belize, we source and introduce opportunities for our clients to fund the acquisition of undervalued assets.

In return, we allocate a share of the profits to our clients after every successful auction.

Our Milestones

Q4 2016

Whiteside Capital Group (WSC)

Incorporated in Belize
Core Business: Alternative Financing

Q2 2017

Financing Achievements

Provided our FIRST $10 Million of financing to businesses

Q2 2018

Collateralized Financing

Launched our Collateralized Financing Division

Q2 2019

Financing to Firms & Individuals

WSC provides financing to 10,000 businesses and individuals

Q2 2020

Rise in Distress Markets

Began acquiring distress undervalued assets
Saw huge growth opportunity

Q4 2020

WSC Collaborative Auction Program

Launched Collaborative Auction Program
Combine USP of retail financing and maximize value of assets through auctions

Message from CEO

Times are changing, and with the current advancements in technology, businesses are also evolving. With the rise of the collaborative economy, anyone has an opportunity to work with a platform and start a powerful stream of income through a collaborative effort with likeminded individuals. Whiteside Capital has the vision to bring the everyday person into the luxurious world of auctions, allowing everyone to be able to take part in the funding of high-end commodities from the comfort of their home.”

– Chief Executive Officer, Raymond Cornish